आज मैं उसके हाथों की चाय पी कर आया हूँ ।उलझनों के दरिया में चाहत है बेहिसाब ,उस कश्मकश की दुनिया को छोड़ के आया हूँ ।अब मोहोब्बक्त ना भी रही उन्हें तो जाने दो यार ,आज मैं उसके हाथों की चाय पी कर आया हूँ ।मुमकिन ना था कि दीदार हो नसीब में ,उन... Continue Reading →


Letters to No One- 02

Everyone cried that day. Even Mr. Harelson, whom everyone believed had no heart and two brains, shed a tear and those new clocks on the old walls tick-tocked clusmily as if they were stopping after every second, wiping their tears in a hurry to get back to their feet to tick-tock again. The unceremonious crying... Continue Reading →

Letter to No One – 01

Gone is everyone: Your ever ready friends who said they will always be there no matter what, Who reassured you of their presence even though you were sitting on the highest peak of the world, Who would always wait for you in the park even though there were no lights, Gone. Your family who taught... Continue Reading →

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